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Who we are…

Pflugerville Pets Alive! (PPA!) is a 501(c) 3 (nonprofit) organization run exclusively by volunteers. We rely on donations, support, and people to help the pets of Pflugerville.

What we do…

We will work on innovation and programs to create and maintain a no-kill community for the pets of Pflugerville.
We are currently focused on helping the healthy and treatable pets of Pflugerville find safe and healthy homes, establishing programs that benefit the pets in the shelter, and informing the community of Pflugerville that they can come home to shop and find their next pet at the Pflugerville Animal Shelter.

Our Mission:

~ Enable volunteers to raise funds for specific shelter projects and needs in cooperation with the city of Pflugerville.
~ To operate a financial entity that will primarily allow tax deductible donations for the Pflugerville Animal Shelter and other animal organizations working to save the lives of animals in shelters.
~ To support and promote animal welfare issues focusing on the City of Pflugerville
~ Educate the public on animal welfare issues
~ Follow and stress the philosophies of the No Kill Advocacy center, including Low Cost spay and neutering.

How we do it:

We are a volunteer driven organizations so every bit of helps makes an impact. Through rallying volunteers, fosters and all fundraisers we are able to help out our PPA! pets and the Pflugerville shelter pets.


~ Provide training and/or boarding to dogs that need basic manners or a break from the stress at the shelter
~ Assist Pflugerville Animal Control in becoming part of No Kill Central Texas
~ Continue to learn and implement activities and programs learned from Open Admission No Kill shelters and American Pets Alive
~ Provide a freezer that will allow volunteers to provide dogs with Kongs to promote mental stimulation
~ Provide a weather resistant bulletin board to display lost pets in the shelter
~ Provide flea and tick pest spray on a regular basis
~ Supply the shelter with nutritional cat and dog food (where the first ingredient of cat and dog food is not filler) while pets are in the care of the city.
~ More channels for our adoptable dogs to get exercise, mental stimulation, and outdoor time.
~ A system in which stray dogs get some time away from their indoor kennel
~ Outfit the stray side of the shelter with a means for the stray pets to experience better lighting

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