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Looking for a fun family-friendly, socially distanced activity that can help your favorite community resource/animal welfare organization? Join the Relay 4 Rescue Pflugerville Pets Alive/Green Team! You can participate from anywhere you feel comfortable – anywhere in the world – all tasks will be submitted virtually through the GooseChase app.

Join Team Pflugerville Pets Alive (Green) as we compete to complete 250 tasks on April 10, 2021 at 2pm. We are looking for at least 30 (the more the better) people to join the team to help us earn points for each task. Tasks are things that can be done within your “covid pod” to keep socially distanced from others and some socially distanced tasks.

Round up your animal loving friends, family and co-workers and get ready to Relay For Rescue! The entry fee is $35 and that includes a donation to Pflugerville Pets Alive, a special edition green t-shirt to designate that you are part of the Pflugerville Pets Alive Team.

What is a task?
Here are a few examples:
* Selfie with a pet that is not a cat or dog
* Video of a person doing a bunny hop down a sidewalk
* Video of a broom pony ride
* Dancing in the street – points for each stranger that dances
* etc

Ready to have some socially distanced fun and help Pflugerville Pets Alive!? Sign up for the Pflugerville Pets Alive!/Green Team today!

Tools needed to participate:
1. GooseChase – this can be found in your app store and is a phone app where all photos and videos will need to be uploaded for each task
2. WhatsApp – this will be a group message to allow the team captain to ensure that each person/team is only working on unique tasks. The group chat is PPA! Relay 4 Rescue

Other needs:
1. Team Captain – We are looking for a volunteer to help assign people to tasks to avoid duplication. All 250 tasks come online at 2pm and there will be at least 30 people/teams ready to start. So this person will need to be flexible and be able to handle fast thinking to assign and lead people/teams to tasks that fit their skills/abilities/wants.
2. Silent Auction Items – We are looking for at least 3 silent auction items valued at $50 at least. This will be an additional way to generate funds for Pflugerville Pets Alive! Gift Certificates, Gift Baskets, Wine are all valid items. Let us know if you have an item to include, want to make baskets, or have a contact for a donation.

Email us for any of the above!

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