I remember being young and counting down the days where I could make my own rules. I couldn’t wait to be sixteen so I could have freedom. I wanted to be eighteen so people would take me seriously. I wanted to be twenty-one so I could…well, you know what I mean. Time passed and at sixteen I had to work to get a car, pay for insurance, and there went the dream of 100% freedom. At eighteen, the adults didn’t take me seriously and I was still a kid in their eyes. No one took me seriously, until I was about thirty. Then at thirty, my body decided to shift faster than heavy traffic on I-35. Nonetheless, rushing my age only taught me how much I wished to be back in fourth grade. In fourth grade my BIG concern was if anyone was going to pick me to be on their dodge ball team during recess. Oh the troubles.

From a health perspective, as a small kiddo, I had to worry about taking my Flintstone vitamins and washing both side of my hands. During my teenage years, my biggest health concerns were to not get a  black eye playing sports and not getting killed in my “brand new” 1986 Duster hatch-back. In my twenties, my biggest health concern was drinking enough water before bed to level off any other “beverages” I might have consumed in the earlier evening knowing I had to get to work the next day. Now in my mid-thirties, I have to worry about blood pressure, my cholesterol, allergies (Viva Austin!) and the cartilage in my knees deteriorating.  (Let’s not forget to maintain the water intake balance and my “Flintstone” vitamins every night).  Where is my rewind button? Getting old stinks and getting old is scary.


Please meet Barneigh.  Miss Barneigh thinks getting old stinks too.  Unfortunately Barneigh’s genes haven’t helped her out much either in the “getting old gracefully” category.  She is suffering from severe hip dysplasia and is in constant pain.  The vet has given her a couple of options, which the best option is for her to have 2 hip replacement surgeries.  With those surgeries, Barneigh is expected to live another 5-6 years pain free!  Without surgery, well, we’ll have to consider a more humane option of taking away her pain, which is a route we will fight to not take.  Barneigh has a twinkle in her eye and a light in her spirit that tells us that even though getting old stinks and each step she takes is a painful one, she desires to take many, many more steps and has hope that we will fight the good fight for her.

So, fellow animal lovers (and those who agree that getting old stinks) I invite you to share Barneigh’s story and consider donating to her future pain free steps (many, many, more steps).

Donate here:  www.pflugervillepetsalive.org/donate or http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/save-a-dog-s-life/169598

Pflugerville Animal Shelter
1600 Waterbrook Drive
Pflugerville, TX 78660
11am – 6pm Th-T (except city holidays. Call the number on the gate if it is closed during business hours)

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