Operation Dog House

Who let the dogs out…who who who who?!  And who let them out ALL day and ALL night?

We have seen it many times – dogs are left outside due to one reason or another. Busy schedules, dog likes to snack on a couch (or two!), dog might have house-training issues, dog prefers to be outside, or their human just doesn’t feel a dog should be an indoor family member. As an organization, we believe our four legged friends truly enjoy spending time inside with their beloved humans. Unfortunately, not all people believe dogs should be indoors, nor do laws and city ordinances object to dogs being outside 24/7.


Operation Dog House was born to accommodate dogs who live their lives outside nearly 24/7 protecting their homes and their humans. We believe all animals deserve proper shelter from the weather elements and to be safely fenced in their yards. Pflugerville Pets Alive has launched a new mission in mending damaged fences and supplying dog houses to those animals in need of shelter and security.

Christian, a local Boy Scout looking to earn his Eagle rank, learned of our new mission. Honoring his Oath of “Duty to Other People and Country”, he decided he was the right scout for the job. Christian designed dog house plans, contacted local businesses for donations and has raised money to cover expenses. This month, Christian and his troop have built four new dog homes!! He and the troop are currently waiting to hear about dogs needing the houses so he and the troops can deliver. PAWS UP for Christian!
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We appreciate all of Christian’s hard work and know it will take more than a passionate Scout to provide outdoor homes and secure fences in the Pflugerville area. The DOGS need your help. With the holidays approaching, so is the cold weather. Are you feeling the holiday spirit and would like to help in performing a good deed?
Here are a few ways you can help with our mission:
1. Donate dog houses.
• They can be new ones or ones that you find at garage sales, Craig’s List, Facebook, etc.
• They can be custom built if you’re handy with a hammer and nails.
• Storage is a concern right now, so if possible, keep the dog houses at your home until we find a deserving pup. With the upcoming winter, houses should find their pup quickly.

2. Donate money so that we can purchase dog houses or fencing supplies when the needs
arise. Click to donate.

3. Nominate dogs in need of outdoor shelter. Nominations can be done anonymously.
We will ask a few questions and learn the story before sending help. Nominations can be made at info@pflugervillepetsalive.org

4. Respond to pleas for securing fencing materials or pleas for manpower to help mend the damaged fences.

5. Respond to pleas to help deliver dog houses or fix fences – trucks will
most likely be needed.

6. Offer to store a dog house in your yard, storage unit, patio, etc until we locate the dog that could benefit from its shelter.

Pflugerville Pets Alive truly believes we can make a difference in the lives of animals one day and one pet at a time. We appreciate the love and support we receive from our community.

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