PoundWishes for Caylee

Caylee is the pet of the week at PoundWishes!! Help us reach our $2500 goal to cover her medical expenses. Help us reach our goal here.

Caylee was found off 685 and picked up by a Good Samaritan. A 21 pound Pointer whose eyes were in a very bad state, it was uncertain whether weeks of starvation were the sole cause of Caylee’s ill health, or if there were any other medical factors. Labwork soon confirmed that Caylee is diabetic.

Caylee’s care was originally estimated to cost $500, however her ongoing care has already surpassed $1000, and the doctor has informed us that her eyes will need to be removed. Any assistance you can offer towards Caylee’s care will be appreciated. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Caylee, please contact us at: adopt@pflugervillepetsalive.org Caylee is blind and will require daily insulin injections and monitoring of food intake. Follow Caylee’s progress in this Facebook album.